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1588Anglo-Spanish War: The Spanish Armada, with 130 ships and over 30,000 men, set sail from Lisbon for the English Channel in an attempt to invade England. refimprove section, trivia
1905 – Led by Admiral Tōgō Heihachirō, the Imperial Japanese Navy destroyed the Russian Baltic Fleet at the Battle of Tsushima, the decisive naval battle in the Russo-Japanese War. unreferenced content
1918 – The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the first successful democratic republic in the Muslim world, was proclaimed in Ganja by the Azerbaijani National Council. refimprove section
1940World War II: On the same day that Belgium surrendered to Germany, Allied forces gained their first major victory on land when they recaptured Narvik, Norway. Narvik: refimprove section
1961 – The British newspaper The Observer published English lawyer Peter Benenson's article The Forgotten Prisoners, starting a letter-writing campaign that grew and became the human rights organization Amnesty International. unreferenced section
1974 – After widespread loyalist opposition and a two-week general strike, the power-sharing Sunningdale Agreement between Northern Ireland and a cross-border Council of Ireland collapsed. refimprove
1975 – Sixteen West African countries signed the Treaty of Lagos, establishing the Economic Community of West African States to promote economic integration. refimprove section
1977 – A fire at the Beverly Hills Supper Club in Southgate, Kentucky, killed 165 patrons. citations broken
2004Ayad Allawi was unanimously elected by the Iraqi Governing Council to be the interim Prime Minister of Iraq. unreferenced section
Patrick White |b|1912 refimprove
Louis Agassiz |b|1807| too many cn tags. Tags for OR and misuse of references.
* 1802 – In an attempt to resist the reintroduction of slavery in Guadeloupe, Louis Delgrès and hundreds of his followers blew themselves up, killing many French troops in the process. Short and missing citations
* 1999 – After 21 years of restoration work, Leonardo da Vinci's mural painting The Last Supper (pictured), in Milan, Italy, was returned to display. Undercited
* 2003 – As a result of criticism of his conduct, Peter Hollingworth resigned from his post as Governor-General of Australia. Citations needed
* 1901Mozaffar ad-Din, Shah of Persia, granted exclusive rights to prospect for oil in the country to William Knox D'Arcy. Citations needed



May 28: Republic Day in Armenia (1918); Independence Day in Azerbaijan (1918)

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