1937 in India

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Timeline of Indian history

Events in the year 1937 in India.



  • National income – 31,708 million
  • Provincial autonomy begins (1 April) with Congress winning an absolute majority in many states, viz Madras, the United Provinces, Bihar, Central Provinces and Orissa. In Bombay, they were in position to form ministry with the support of independents. Non-congress coalition ministries were established in Bengal, Punjab, Sindh, NWFP (Khan Saheb defeating Muslim League) and Assam. Of them, only Punjab and Bengal were non-congress ministries. The All India Congress Committee renounced the proposition of non-acceptance of office. However, the Congress ministries did not accept office in the majority provinces, until they were assured by the Viceroy non-usage of his special powers in day-to-day administration. Muslim league fared badly in these elections, failing to secure a majority even in Muslim majority states but it still demanded that the Congress should admit its representatives in all Provincial ministries. The league refused to regard Muslims in congress ministries as representatives of the Muslim community. Congress refused to accept same, hence widening their gap. Jinnah reiterated his 14 points and took the road to two nation theory.
  • 20 February – Completion of election to legislative assemblies.[1]
  • 1 April – Provincial autonomy began; Burma and Aden are separated from India.[1]
  • 13 September – The new Viceroy's speech is boycotted by Congress.[1]
  • University of Kerala was set up.
  • All India Football Federation was established



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