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I am Albert Jacher, MD. According to a doctrine or a religion or an opinion or outlooks, or a "point of view" that someone uses, I am a prophet or a religer who creates a religion, or an ideologist who creates an ideology, or a scientist who creates a specific discipline of science. I have been creating Natural Universal Wisdom Religion a.k.a. Albertanism. According to the albertan docrine, I am The Messenger Of God Wakan Alo, a religer who creates a new, modern, wiser religion for Human species on the planet Earth.

Editing encyclopedias[edit]

In March, 2003 I started to edit articles in the encyclopedia. Very soon my work got repeatedly deleted without any discussion, warning, any opinion exchange in In Wikipedia I was accused with prejudice of potentially writing with no 'Neutral Point Of View'. I was accused that by writing my opinions about different matters, i would do 'promotion of a vanity religion'. Because my work gets repetedly vandalized and deleted in, I concluded that my work there makes no sense. I concluded that is not 'open' and 'free' encyclopedia as it proclaims publically.

Then, after my appeal to help me preserve my work and ideas, I was directed to and invited to work in that project. I read the declarations about the general idea and the policy of and its methods of work, and I found it very interesting and much more sensible than those at I hope to find at readers and editors with broader minds and bigger intellectual potential.

I direct my invitation and encouragement to all of you, readers and editors, to promote, support and develop the and its good idea. I also kindly ask you for help in editing articles about religious, biological, psychological, historical, political and all other issues, that relate somehow to Natural Universal Wisdom Religion = Albertanism. Please add your positive input in and

Thank you in advance! I wish you well!
If you support the good, then you counteract the evil!

Albert Jacher 01:11, 27 Jan 2004 (EST)

Special Thanks[edit]

Here I would like to express my great admiration and thankfulness to Mr Fred Bauder for his extraordinary intellect, independent thinking, friendliness, open-mindedness, courage, generosity and work that he did and does about the Thank you very much! I wish you much success and may God bless you!

Biographical data[edit]

Albert Jacher
Albert Jacher

I was born in Tarnow, Poland in 1968-01-03. I have Polish citizenship, but ethnically I am a Ethnic_German or Volksdeutsche. I have German and Polish ancestors, who lived in Germany, Ukraine, Poland. I use Albertanism as my religion.

I graduated from Medical Academy of Breslau in 1994 as physician(MD) with good marks. I worked for 2 years as a physician in Koscian and Tarnow. Then I worked in Poznan in a pharmaceutical company, insurance companies, a few small Information technology companies. Then I got unemployed and lived by a help of friends and family.

Currently I am as a visitor in the USA until May, 2004. I stay in Worcester, Massachusetts in Northeast of the USA. I try to find sponsors and protectors and a way to emigrate permanently from Poland - the state that I have citizenship of. Poland is a very specific state, where, by not being ethnically Polish, not being catholic, not being socialist, but being intelligent, honest and extremely creative and open-minded, I am in a danger and have big problems with living, surviving and practicing my religion.

I am a creative and versatile person. I have many interests, like Information technology, religion, medicine, psychology, biology, linguistics, politics, history and many other.

I try to present opinions not only representing a neutral opinion (so named "Neutral point of view", NPOV), but also albertan doctrine or albertan opinion, albertan understanding of events, facts, persons, processes.

If interested in more details about me, please read article about Albert Jacher or and information in my website Albertanism.

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