Carrel (crater)

Coordinates: 10°42′N 26°42′E / 10.7°N 26.7°E / 10.7; 26.7
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Coordinates10°42′N 26°42′E / 10.7°N 26.7°E / 10.7; 26.7
Diameter16 km
Colongitude333° at sunrise
EponymAlexis Carrel

Carrel is a small lunar crater on the Mare Tranquillitatis. It has a somewhat distorted appearance, having a slight protruding bulge in the northwest rim. The interior is somewhat irregular, with ridges and some slumped material. This crater lies across a ridge in the surface of the mare.

It was named after the Nobel-winning French scientist Alexis Carrel in 1979.[1] It was previously designated as Jansen B. The lava-flooded crater Jansen lies about to the northeast.



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