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The following was removed from the text

Satet may have been a child of the eyptian god set and her name could have been Set'Et or little Set(female).

This is because it strikes me as wild speculation, and is not a view I have seen expressed in egyptological texts, based simply on a vague similarity in her name. I know of no connection between the Elephantine triad and Set, so I find it very unlikely that she would have been considered Set's daughter.

Moved comment from article (Gareth Hughes 16:00, 2 December 2005 (UTC)):[reply]

(Iconography: if my memory is correct: On a stele, Pharaoh Thotmes-III stands inbetween Satis & Anuket , both in simple white gowns. Satis is crowned by the White Crown flanked by Bull's Horns, Her daughter Anuket wears a Crown, or headband with nine tiara-arranged feathers [30 cm high ]alternatively red & yellow.) -- A.Muster dd 2 Dec.2005.


If the title of the page is Satet, then that's the name that should be used in the article, not Satis. Most pages that link to this one use 'Satis', so maybe the page name should be changed to that? Also, there is no mention of the relationship between this Goddess and 'Hapi' who also represents the flooding of the Nile - are they the same? VenomousConcept (talk) 23:08, 5 July 2012 (UTC)[reply]

Answering the simpler question first: Hapy and Satet are not the same, even though they're both linked with the inundation. Egyptian gods' roles overlap tremendously.
As to the problem of names, I agree that the title and text should match. The article was moved from "Satis" more than two years ago, but the text was not changed to reflect the move. I fixed that, though I'm actually not sure whether the preponderance of sources use "Satis" or "Satet". The article wasn't moved based on which name is more common, but out of the desire for a title closer to the goddess' original Egyptian name (sṯt) than to the Greek distortion of that name (Σατις, I would guess). A. Parrot (talk) 00:07, 6 July 2012 (UTC)[reply]